When life feels empty and daunting despite the abundance of material things, people inevitably turn to spirituality. For ages, spirituality has always been thought to be the path to enlightenment. But, spirituality is easier thought than practiced. With the right models, though, and the right exemplars, one could well be leading a meaningful spiritual encounter.

Spiritual development has constantly been important to a person's sense of well-being, even prior to humanity actually conceiving the term and absorbing it in a plethora of methods. Consequently, spirituality sprung up various methods on how one can develop upon it. Whether you are currently treading your own "spiritual course", or in dire need of spiritual satisfaction, a deep understanding of what spirituality is can be extremely valuable in more ways than one.

Founding and leading one of the world's most selfless and most daring missionaries, the Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI), St. Eugene de Mazenod had sure championed the quest to spiritual fulfillment.


# 1

"The motto is: Let's do some good while we have the time."--St. Eugene de Mazenod

# 2

"Charity includes everything, with fresh needs it invents new means."--St. Eugene de Mazenod

# 3

"Let us not limit our zeal."--St. Eugene de Mazenod

# 4

"Never forget the gratitude you owe the Lord for the miracles he worked to bring about your happiness."--St. Eugene de Mazenod


"Let's go ahead, then, without complaining."--St. Eugene de Mazenod

# 6

"Be someone who acts promptly and willingly."--St. Eugene de Mazenod

# 7

"Charity is the pivotal point on which our whole existence revolves."--St. Eugene de Mazenod

# 8

"There are always painful moments in the usual course of any life. What is essential is to have confidence in the Lord and to ask Him for his light."--St. Eugene de Mazenod

# 9

"Be more docile to the internal voice of God."--St. Eugene de Mazenod

# 10

"All whoever is not lost, and the good God who knows our good desires and the purity of our intentions, will not doubt provide."--St. Eugene de Mazenod

In order for us to completely understand what spirituality suggests, it is necessary that we talk about the significance of the root word itself, which is spirit. Spirit is an abstract or intangible concept, one that points to something incorporeal, something full of mystery and not bound by the material world.

One of the most acclaimed scientists in history, Albert Einstein, referred to spirituality in these words: "The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious - the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science." This opens the discussion of the focal points of his remark--art and science. These two fields have been dominant in human consciousness in the process of searching for answers to the great questions and mysteries that baffled humanity about the universe. These two different fields, however contradictory their approach and views may be, made the advancement in the understanding of human consciousness and even technology.

The quest for answers comes from our inherent need to know ourselves, and our connection to the world around us or the universe itself. Ordinary tasks like repairing a vehicle engine or observing an ant farm are unconscious signs of our need to know ourselves, which in consequence is associated to spirituality. . While this opposes the concept of spirituality as something beyond the physical or material world, these interactions in the physical world are vital avenues that allow us to reach transcendence, and take us into the experience of the mystical.

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Some people attain spiritual nourishment through meditation. Meditation is a method of contemplation or a process of turning inward through a deep reflection to reach a profound level of tranquility, concentration and consciousness. Meditation has its origin in the Eastern tradition. In the West, this method could be a counterpart of prayer. Buddhist monks for example firmly believes meditation to be the path to enlightenment. It explains their optimism and their gentle manner of dealing with people.

A typical misunderstanding most people make is having the idea that spirituality is unique to religion. While it holds true that religious beliefs actually facilitated a great number of individuals to lead spiritual lives, it just represents a couple of elements that make up the complete significance of spirituality. Spirituality is a confluence, an increased understanding of what we are and how we are linked to the entire spectrum of being or existence, and the understanding that everything is reliant and connected to each other.

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Spirituality surrounds nearly just about everything in a person and how he/she connects with other individuals. Spirituality, then, either brings about the most admirable or virtues or may arise from certain virtues. St. Eugene de Mazenod believed charity as a way one could cultivate spirituality. It has been known to make a person happy, content, and foster good relationships with others.

One embraces what one thinks is right, ethical, morally healthy, and a worry-free way of life. Through spirituality, one gives up all troubles to the Supreme Being or the Universe. These actions help one build a strong and resilient mentality. In turn, they decrease tensions and stress, making one person well capable of facing all of life's difficulties.

Spirituality is thought to have been born out of humankind's mission to find purpose and meaning in life. It is not a simple task. In fact, it could take a lifetime! However, with the right models and exemplars, for this matter St. Eugene de Mazenod, it will be possible.